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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hellos and Goodbyes

Livingstone marks the end of the first leg of my trip from Cape Town to Nairobi. On the Cape to Livingstone leg we had 16 people in the group, but we say goodbye to 12 and hello to 1 for the next leg from Livingstone to Nairobi. We had a farewell sunset cruise on the Zambezi river to say our goodbyes.


Some memories:

The "bags not" rule. As soon as someone says "bags not" (eg "bags not doing the washing up"), everyone must put their thumb on their forehead. The last to do this gets the job:


The "door knob" rule. If you burp or pass wind, you must say "safety" before someone else says "door knob". Otherwise everyone has the right to punch you until you can touch a door knob.

The dangerous stool that was sometimes used to step on when getting in and out of the bag locker. More often than not you fell off. In Livingstone we decided to say goodbye to the stool:


Putting food colouring in the water tanks of some of the other overland trucks so that they would think their water was tainted.

Fighting over power sockets to charge up cameras, laptops, MP3 players and other electrical devices (sorry everyone if I tended to hog these - but I need a lot of juice for the stuff I carry).

There are so many other great memories, too many to mention know as I'm getting kicked off the Internet since it is closing. For those who are leaving us at Livingstone, farewell and keep in touch. For those joining, welcome to the party.

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