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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boats and border crossings

After almost 3 weeks in Namibia, we crossed the border into Botswana to visit the Okavango delta. Getting to our campsite was an interesting journey. After parking the truck, we hopped into a speed boat for an hour and a half. We then piled into another truck which stalled mid-way through the journey and had to be push started (by this time, we were quite expert at pushing trucks, given that our truck had been bogged in sand several times before). The truck finally dropped us off at a place where we boarded some canoes for the short journey across to the island where we would be staying.

The next day we got a chance to relax as we were given a 90 minute canoe ride across the delta. It was one of the most tranquil moments of the trip, with nothing to do but sit back and watch the reeds brush past the canoe. We eventually reached another island where we did a bush walk for a couple of hours in hope of seeing some animals. Given that it was the middle of the day, however, most of the animals were smart enough to be lying asleep somewhere under a bush, so we didn’t see all that much except a few baboons before reboarding our canoes for the ride back to camp.


In the evening we were cooked a traditional meal and were entertained by some traditional dancing. We even got the chance to join in with the dancing:


The next couple of days we had a lot of travelling. After getting the speed boat back to our truck, we crossed the border back into Namibia, before crossing back into Botswana the following day and then into Zambia via a ferry.

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