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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shops and Markets

Last weekend I visited a couple of markets. On Friday I headed out to the famous Camden markets, which is made up of a number of smaller markets all linked together. To be honest I've never really been a big fan of markets (apart from food markets), as they often just have lots of low quality junk at exhorbitant prices. Still, you occasionally find an interesting shop such as the following one that claimed to be the "best shop in the world", with crafts from all over the globe:

The Best Shop in the World

The other interesting shops were those selling punk and gothic clothing and accessories (and the interesting clientelle that they attract). Adding to my suspicions that London is being assimilated by The Borg (see my earlier post where I sighted what looked like a Borg spacecraft in downtown London), one of the shops called Cyberdog looked like they were the official clothing supplier for the Borg. I borrowed the following image from their website which shows an example of the cool stuff they sell:

The next day I met up with Ash and Tara for lunch at the Borough food market:

Borough Market

Ordering a falafal

Since I've left Italy, I haven't been doing that much cooking, so I decided to buy some ingredients for a pasta. In Italy the food from the markets is pretty cheap, so I was a little shocked to discover that my 7 tomatoes, 1 onion and a bunch of basil cost a whopping £7! Still, they probably weren't as expensive as the following vegetables from London's most expensive shopping destination, Harrods:

Vegetable shopping at Harrods

Harrods is where you go to shop if you've got money to burn. The most expensive items I could find on my short visit were the following pair of watches. The one on the left is priced at £20,000, while the one on the right is £48,950 (that's over AU$120,000).

Tomorrow I'll be leaving London bound for Africa where I'll no doubt find lots of stuff at ridiculously cheap prices (provided that I can get the local prices and not the tourist prices) to help provide some relief to my bank account.

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