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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Parks and Gardens

One of the great things about London is that there are heaps of parks and gardens everywhere. One of the biggest is Hampstead Heath, where you can forget that you are actually in London and pretend that you are somewhere in the Scottish heathlands:

Hampstead Heath

Then there are the small parks dotted all over the city, such as Victoria Tower Gardens, where office workers go on their lunch breaks:

Reading the paper in Victoria Tower Gardens

Not to forget the Royal Parks, such as Hyde Park, St Jame's Park and Greenwich Park, with their perfectly manicured gardens and lakes:

Flower garden in Greenwich Park

There is plenty of wildlife, including ducks, pigeons and squirrels:

Feeding the ducks in St Jame's Park
Pigeons in flight in Regent's Park
Squirrel sitting on the fence in Regent's Park

It is great to have somewhere you can go to relax and have fun, away from the crowded tube stations and busy city streets. For instance, you can go for a roll down the hill in Greenwich Park:

Rolling down the hill in Greenwich Park

Or you can relax and listen to the Hampshire Constabulary Band playing in St Jame's Park:

Hampshire Constabulary Band in St Jame's Park

Then there's card games in the park:

Royal Cards in Hyde Park

You can even take part in an army training drill and learn how to launch rockets at your enemies:

Army training camp for kids in Regent's Park

In concluding this blog entry, I'll leave you with the following poem from a deckchair in Regent's Park:

Deckchair poetry in Regent's Park

Sky is blue
Trees are green & brown
Flowers are red, white, blue, yellow, pink & orange
Grass is green
Water is blue
Ground is brown

Greenwich Flower Garden

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