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Monday, June 18, 2007

Card Games in London

Yesterday I headed to Trafalgar Square to have a look at the Korean Festival. When I arrived, however, I noticed a bunch of people dressed up as playing cards:


Intrigued, I asked what they were doing, and they mentioned that they were doing a promotion for the Secret Garden Party. They were a few people short of a full deck or cards, so they asked if I wanted to join in. Having nothing better to do, I thought why not and donned an "8 of clubs" outfit:

8 of Clubs

Shortly afterwards we started a game of "Higher or Lower" with the crowd who had gathered to watch. All of the cards lined up with our backs to the contestant, and after shuffling the deck the contestant had to turn around each card in turn and guess whether the next card would be higher or lower. With a little help from the audience he managed to make his way through the entire deck without making a mistake, and was awarded a group hug:

Group hug by a pack of cards

Once the game was over, we started our march through the streets towards Hyde Park where we had been promised free entry to the O2 Wireless Festival. Considering that tickets cost £40 (AU$100), I was pretty happy. On the way to the festival, we played "chase the ace" through the park:

Chase the Ace

We also stopped to build a house of cards:

House of Cards

When it was finally time to enter the festival, we used the following "secret" entrance:

Cards using the secret entrance to the festival

Once inside, it was time for some refreshments:

Jack of Hearts

Next up, we played a couple of games of snap. The cards shuffled themselves and dealt themselves out on the grass (face down of course):

Cards dealt out on the grass for a game of "snap"

As each pair of cards rolled over, it was then up to the two teams of contestants to call "snap" when they saw a matching pair of cards, like the following pair of queens:


The team with the most cards at the end celebrated victory:

Cards celebrating victory

After another game of "Higher or Lower", it was then time to "throw in the cards" and go and watch the festival:

Deck of cards

I headed straight to the main stage in time to watch performances by "The Cribs", the "Editors" and the "Kaiser Chiefs":

Follow the leader

A great day overall, all the more so due to the fact that it was totally unplanned on my behalf. Just goes to show you what the rewards are for a bit of curiosity.


Livvie said...

ha ha!!! abi (card girl) u are a legend x

Anonymous said...

abs ure mental and brilliant! love it xx judyx