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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Photoshop portfolio

One of the courses which I studied here in Florence was an "Introduction to Photoshop". Here is my final portfolio consisting of the 5 projects that I worked on over the semester, so you can judge for yourself how much you think I've learned. Best viewed in large size.

Project 1: Design a postcard

Sydney vs Firenze

I couldn't decide whether I loved Syndey or Firenze more, so I decided to include both in my postcard.

Project 2: Create a self portrait

Self Portrait

I needed to use the "clone tool" a lot on this one to erase those wrinkles that have started to show on my face.

Project 3: Design a magazine cover page

Magazine article for Photoshop class

The main photo in this design is from my trip to Kyrgyzstan in 2005.

Project 4: Design a currency note


Maybe I'll use this design in the future when I become ruler of the combined republic of Italy and Australia (aka Australitalia).

Project 5: Design a CD cover

CD Cover

The photos I used for this final project are the ones that I took at Lorenzo's band practice.

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