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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Photojournalism Mid-Term Portfolio

The mid-term assessment for my photojournalism class is based on a portfolio of my photos from the assignments we had in the first half of the semester. Here are the photos that I selected:

Piazza Ciompi Antique Market

Nicola's workshop

Applying gold leaf to a statuette

Girl in white coat

Confetti fight

Mother and daughter

Nita walks home with her groceries

On the phone with the office

The editor in chief watches over her team

Urbano's meat and cheese shop

Taste test


For the last half of the semester, we need to choose a single project that we will work on for the entire 6 weeks. My current idea is to document the Muslim mosque that is just a few doors down the street from my apartment. The average person walking down the street wouldn't even know that it existed, making it all the more intriguing for me to get inside and photograph it. Getting permission from the mosque could prove difficult, but hopefully I'll be able to find the right contacts through the university who will help me to pull the right strings.

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