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Monday, February 26, 2007

Learning Photography

I’ve been reviewing some of my most popular photos on Flickr in terms of the number of times they have been viewed by other people and the number of comments that have been left. It is interesting that one of my most popular photos isn’t very good in terms of the raw image quality (the main reason for this being that it was taken with my camera phone), but simply captures an interesting moment when I was at the train station on the way home from Viareggio:

Chaos at the train station

As was highlighted in the Born into Brothels movie which I recently watched, it just goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to have an expensive camera to shoot great photos (although in certain situations it can certainly help!).

For another popular photo I was lucky enough to press the shutter button on my camera at just the right moment (albeit after several attempts):


The more I learn about photography, the more I realize the huge amount of stuff that I don’t know. It certainly requires a lot of patience. For every single photo you need to wait for the right moment, look for the best angle to shoot from, choose the appropriate camera settings, frame the shot and finally click the shutter button. Then when I get home I need to go through all of the photos, work out why some worked and some didn’t, select the best ones, do some editing if necessary and finally print and/or upload.

A lot of the time I’m still shooting in either full or semi-automatic mode (eg aperture priority or shutter priority). There is still a lot that I need to learn about all of the different manual settings on my camera and the effect they have on the final photo before I’m ready to shoot in full manual mode all of the time.

As my photojournalism lecturer said, the best way to learn photography is to shoot lots of photos and look at lots of photos. No problems for me there: I’m soon going to need another hard drive for my laptop to store all of my photos.

PS: Happy birthday to both Dad and Ben if you are reading this!

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