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Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Flashpacker Phenomenon

My old uni friend Guy (aka "Gusto") just alerted me to the new term "flashpacker", which I hadn't heard about before. The Flashpacker Diaries website describes flashpackers as follows:

"They are individuals who are perhaps a little older than the post-Uni, pre-life 21 year old backpacker, who have a larger budget but less time. Flashpacking is for those people who prefer a little quality and have the means to pay for it."
I took the Flashpacker Quiz, and got all C's apart from question 4 (although I would like to buy 20 acres of protected equatorial rainforest, I don't have quite that much money to throw around). Even though I generally dislike stereotypes, I guess that makes me an official "flashpacker".

There is also an article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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