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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Neighbourhood (La Mia Quartiere)

My apartment is located in the “Sante Croce” area of central Florence, so called because it contains the beautiful Sante Croce church:

Sante Croche church

My street, Borgo Allegri, contains lots of shops that sell and restore old furniture. The area would be an antique furniture lover’s dream. My apartment actually has a lot of old furniture in it as well.

I spent my Australia Day going for a wander around my neighbourhood, including a visit to the Palazzo Vecchio museum. There are so many museums here, I’ll be able to go to a different one every week. I’m trying not to look like too much of a tourist but it is unavoidable with my large SLR camera draped around my neck coupled with my occasional stopping to check out my map. Hopefully I’ll blend in better with the locals as time passes.

On Sunday morning I was woken up fairly early with the sound of lots of commotion on the street. I looked out the window to discover that the street had been converted to a big marketplace, with vendors selling everything from clothes to porcelain to wooden sculptures that looked like they originated from somewhere in Africa. I ended up buying a scarf and beanie because the weather was so cold, and then going for a walk down to the Arno river to escape the crowds.

Sunday Markets

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