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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Apartment (Il Mio Appartamento)

Having only seen a few small photos and a brief description of my apartment on the Internet before I arrived, I was somewhat apprehensive to find out what it was like in reality. As it turns out, I couldn’t be happier with it. It is a good size, is nicely furnished, and has beautiful wooden floors and ceiling. It is also in a perfect location only a few minutes’ walk to university.

Living room

My landlord is a very friendly signora whose name is “Martelli Ferrari”. I’ve always wanted a Ferrari, and now it seems that I have one! She was there to greet me when I arrived and show me around the apartment, pointing out all the little idiosyncrasies such as the fact that you need to press the flush button on the toilet 3 times before it will work. It is a very old apartment, so a few minor issues are nothing to worry about. Testament to how old it is, is the fact that the power outlets require a special adapter to adapt them to the European standard (and I then need another adapter to adapt to the Australian standard). It also has no ceiling lights in the main living area and bedroom – just free standing floor lamps.

My neighbor Nita is also very friendly. Originally from California, she has been living in Florence for around 3 years, and is the editor of an English newsletter called “The Florentine”. When I told her that I am studying photojournalism, she asked if I would be interested in publishing any photographs and/or articles in the newsletter. I jumped at the opportunity, so in the not too distant future I may have my first published article (providing that my writing is good enough)! I may also end up doing some writing for a small newsletter that is published by students at the university.

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